My Project: Putting Knowledge to Action

The old saying “knowledge is power” is in my humble opinion, not true. Applied knowledge is power sounds more like it.

There are many things you can learn that are simply fun or interesting to you, but there are also things that you have to learn to excel or even do well for that matter, at your career. I hope that you would agree.

I was once guilty of learning all I could about my internet marketing career but hardly put any of it into action. And guess what the result was? Nothing! There were no results because I didn’t put what I learned into action, and that’s exactly the point that I’m trying to make. You can learn the most inspiring, educational knowledge in the whole world but if you never apply it to any part of your life, then what was really the point of spending your time leaning it in the first place.

As someone that has been through a serious lack of action spree in the early parts of my career, I want to preach to others how important it is to apply the great knowledge you learn and to continue to grow all that you can. If you aren’t growing then you are dying inside so it’s important to take in all the applied knowledge that you can, as long as you do just that though- put it into action. And do it immediately! The longer you put it off the harder it will get to finally get started and take it from me, the days will turn to years a lot faster than you would ever think.

The best advice I could ever give is to always put what you learn into action while it’s fresh on your mind. And for that matter, don’t give up when it doesn’t go your way. Some stuff takes a while and new habits may need to replace old ones to successfully apply the learned knowledge.

My Project

To make the transfer even easier, start applying one small thing every day at the same time to get into the habit of doing this. You don’t need to have some huge goal in the beginning because all it will do is overwhelm you.

All you need to do is take a small action each day for 30 days. If you can do that then you can do anything.

Good luck and go out there and put your precious knowledge into action!

What Does It Mean to Transfer Knowledge to Action?

The phrase “transferring knowledge to action” may seem confusing but what it implies is very basic; It’s one thing to learn something but it’s another thing to actually put it to use in some form of action.

The reason I talk about this is because I’m an internet marker and for the longest time I only studied information without ever putting it into action. This obviously did no good and got me nowhere fast. It wasn’t until I transferred that knowledge to action that got me where I am today, which is being the owner of a successful marketing business- something I took 4 years to get.

The reason I am mentioning all of this is because I want to give back and save people the trouble that I caused myself when standing in my own way and literally blocking my own success, and why? Because I never took any damn action!

I am now making it a point to relate everything on this blog to taking action so you can pursue your goals and transfer them from dreams to a reality. The choice is yours my friend. Join me on this blog as I share my experiences from the past 4 years while attempting to make money online, and how putting my knowledge to action was exactly what I needed to make my dreams come true. Thank you.